Mother's Day

For moms at Lurie Children’s, nothing is more important than being there for their child. They spend longs hours sitting next to a hospital bed or waiting in an emergency room. They miss social events, holidays and the chance for any sort of self-care. They give up so much so that their children are supported. This Mother’s Day, give your mom a Feel Good Gift and help a mom who is spending the day by her child’s side. These gifts give the moms at Lurie Children’s the support they need to be there for their children, no matter what.

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Garden Play Program
3D Printed Artificial Ovary
Summer Camp Package
Access for Every Child
Family Support Package
Car Seat
Help Where It's Needed Most
NICU Support Package
Family Sleep Rooms
Family Travel Package
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Pain Management & Distraction Tools
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A Safer Space for Kids
Breastfeeding Education & Support
Spa Day at the Hospital